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How To Read R Words With Word Puzzles For Kids

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Learn how to read R words for kids with super fun word puzzles, Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

On our last visit to Elliot’s grand-parents, his grandma, or mami (en francais), pulled out an ancient box of word puzzles for Elliot to investigate. Each puzzle included a picture on top and the word posted beneath, in large print. Elliot’s job was to piece together the picture and then use it to help support reading the word. He was very successful and glowed each time he was able to read.

This wonderfully rich learning experience fit nicely into our recent letter R learning journey.  First, we made paper-mache versions of the upper and lower case R r to start the coolest word wall ever in his bedroom. We then practised printing R r, learned the sound and action and made connections with R pictures and words. The timing was ripe to expand our letter R exploration by making our own R picture and word puzzles.

To achieve this, Elliot went on a word hunt around our house and local community. Each time he found an example of something that he felt included the R sound in the word, we took a picture of it. I then used the pictures to make 10 R picture and word puzzles. In the video, Elliot pieces each puzzle together to help read words with the letter R. He then glues each completed puzzle to a piece of paper. We finish by reading all the words again.

To help celebrate his success, Elliot decides to attach his effort beneath our giant upper and lower case paper-mache R r’s in his bedroom. His word wall now includes fantastic 3D art and his completed R word puzzles. Make sure to check out our link above to download this resource. Then go ahead and have a look at the picture of Elliot standing proudly beside his work.

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