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How To Paint 3D Piggy-Banks

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Learn how to paint 3D piggy-banks for kids and enjoy creative art with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

Working with Elliot on this piggy bank has again provided some good old fashioned perspective. Not only am I learning a lot about the way Elliot learns. I am also being reminded time and again that old habits die hard.

In Part 1, Elliot reminded me that there is more than one way to count the properties of a 3D shape. My strategy is to keep the shape stationary while counting so as not to get confused with where your start and stop. I had not thought of Elliot’s strategy. He counts using the label on the shape as an anchor, or a reminder of what he already counted. Top shelf thinking right there.

In Part 2, we cover the 3D cuboid shapes with paper mache to make them stronger. It is a mess, but Elliot has a go and is very successful. I even manage to keep my hands off of his cuboid and only help if he asks. Elliot has a chance to do it his own way and at the same time, glance at what I am doing should he need to.

A Splash of Colour

During Part 3, I am kept honest when jazzing up our piggy banks with a splash of colour. My design is to paint bubbles. Elliot has a go as well, but instead of being meticulous and too perfect, he adds a dollop of paint here and there. As I struggle with my perfect bubbles, brow furrowed deep in concentration, Elliot paints unabated and carefree. I have to chuckle in spite of myself.

Again and again, working one on one with Elliot is keeping me honest. It is a valuable reminder that art, math, language and learning in general is best achieved with an open mind

To watch this 3 Part series together in a playlist visit our YouTube Channel: How To Make A Piggy Bank

3D Shapes Preview Pictures

3D Shape Cube Preview3D Shape Cuboid Preview3D Shape Octahedron Preview3D Shape Pyramid Preview3D Shape Tetrahedron Preview


3D Shape VERSUS 3D Shape Preview Pictures

3D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 13D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 23D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 33D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 43D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 53D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 63D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 73D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 83D Shapes Versus 3D Shapes Download Preview 9


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