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How To Make Fun Shape Patterns For Kids

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Learn how to make colorful shape patterns with wooden and paper shapes for kids, Elliot and Wooden Pattern Blocks helps add a tactile dimension. Moving pieces about and slotting them here or there is stimulating and fun. Over the years, I also discovered that wooden shapes can be somewhat frustrating as well. On many surfaces they can move about quite easily and separate, causing some frustration. Using paper versions of the shapes and gluing them down helps. Moreover, using paper shapes helps preserve creations in a way that photos don’t seem to quite achieve. In Kindergarten classrooms, it was amazing what a year full of accumulated shape pattern designs on walls would do for atmosphere. I wonder what that might look like on Elliot’s bedroom wall at home.

In our experience together, Elliot did find the shapes become a little shifty. It did not seem to bother him as he persevered and made adjustments. Throughout the whole design process, Elliot was totally in his own space. He explained after, that his design reminded him of a bird.

Upon finishing, Elliot was not completely happy with the result. It turns out, he wanted to recreate and extend his own pattern and not mine. Evidently mine was not as colourful and complex as his. I completely overlooked the fact that owning art can be a big deal. We agreed that next time we will complete all steps with our own work. When showcasing his work for a finished photo, Elliot held up both. He had a hand in creating both, so it made complete sense. I have learned yet another valuable lesson, working together with my son.

Make sure to check out Wooden Pattern Blocks on Amazon. If you do choose to buy, make sure it is the wooden, thicker variety, as the plastic ones present corners and edges that are often painful when digging into a container full.

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