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How To Learn About Water And Ice For Kids

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Learning about water and ice is fantastic, fun science for kids with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

It has been a rather cold winter here in France. On our last visit to chez papi et mami, Elliot discovered a thick layer of ice outside in their water barrel. He set to work straight away. At first with a hammer and then hot water, he made several attempts to break through. All strategies applied, of course, under careful supervision.

Fast forward a couple of days while walking home from school, Elliot noticed big juicy chunks of ice along the side of the road. Not wanting to pass on such a profitable opportunity, we set to work on filling a bag. Elliot wanted to see what would happen next after dumping the ice into our water barrel, which incidentally, had not frozen. The temperature outside was about 5 degrees celsius, but would soon drop with night falling. Elliot predicted that dumping all of the ice into the water barrel would make it freeze.

Low and behold, the falling morning before school, we checked and there was indeed a thin layer of ice. As the air temperature was -2 degrees at the time, we concluded that the ice probably formed from the cold, but perhaps the chunks of ice had a hand in it as well.

With such a rich, authentic science experience and one initiated by Elliot, why not start digging deeper by writing about it together? Watch us have a go and then try your own. Take advantage of our free download by clicking on the button, so you too can tap into some authentic science happening all around you.

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