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Lean How To Print Letter S For Kids

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Learn how to print letter S for kids and connect printing letter S with pictures and words with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

In this letter S worksheet for kids, I have added three sections with different sizes of upper and lower case letters. For Elliot, this gives him a chance to become familiar with printing smaller versions of each letter of the alphabet.

In the video tutorial, we begin by introducing and reviewing the letter name, sound and action of letter S before starting printing practise.

This worksheet resource also presents a large block version of the upper and lower case letter. Around the large letters, five empty circles are available to add picture examples where the word includes the letter Ss.

Images of 22 examples included with each word including a variety of letters. Some examples include the letter S and some do not. A version is available displaying only pictures and another includes the words.

With Elliot, I start with pictures and words to give him an opportunity to identify pictures by either hearing the sound in the word or by recognizing the letter symbol in words.

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