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Learn How To Print Letter E For Kids

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Learn how to print letter E and connect printing letter E with pictures and words with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

As a teacher, printing letters has always been a bit of a pickle for me. Either a sequence of small little dots or dashed lines is typically the method presented to help trace the shapes of letters. In some cases, an arrow indicating which direction to go and where to start is provided.

From my experience working with Elliot and with many children as a Kindergarten teacher, children do what is most comfortable. In our visit with the letter Ee, I explain to Elliot that moving from the top to the bottom, left to right is best. But in the end, it was going to be Elliot’s choice.

Print Letter E Teaching Resource

Be it the adult, modelling the direction, or the child discovering their own best fit, this print letter E teaching resource comes without a starting point for practising printing the shape of the letter. In this way, a little more choice is provided.

I also wanted to make a resource that was more than about printing the upper and lower case E e. With this in mind, I included an area for a picture and word find around a large, outline version of the upper and lower case letter to get funky with colours.

I thought I had hit a home run with my pink and purple poke-a-dot design in this video, but I was blown away with Elliot choosing to illustrate an alternating colour pattern. He spent so much time and was so meticulous in his approach – brilliant! This activity certainly captivated Elliot’s attention and enthusiasm and proved to be so much more than printing practise.

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