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How To Learn Number 1 Teaching Resource For Kids

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Learn number 1 with this number 1 teaching resource for kids and make math learning fun with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

Teach kids number 1 with this worksheet resource.  Watch Elliot as he prints the symbol, writes the name ‘one’ and draws one cruise ship representing the amount.

I was thrilled that Elliot wanted to spend time drawing one cruise ship. However, I also wanted him to reflect on drawing something that complex. Thirty cruise ships on September 30 would be outrageous. My goal for future visits to this activity is to model it with the Wall Calendar, where we draw tallies to reflect the number of each day.

My other big understanding was Elliot’s preference to trace number symbols and words already present in dashed format. This prompted me to create a resource with three variations. One version includes dashed examples in all boxes. A second and third version include several columns of symbols and words left blank. Over time, I expect Elliot will take more risks. He will want to have a go at printing more on his own without the aid of dashed number symbols.

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