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Learn How To Draw Letter G For Kids

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How to draw letter G is creative letter G alphabet art for kids with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for kids.

Kids learn best with kids so why not learn how to draw letter G with Elliot in this super learning video for kids. Print upper and lower case versions, draw fat, juicy versions, learn the sound of letter G and practise the shape in a fun, memorable way.

Next, extend letter knowledge and download our giant G’s and give your learning activity toolkit a boost today.

Does how we phrase learning matter?

Check out both of these statements: ‘Let’s learn the letter G!’ and ‘Let’s draw giant versions of letter G!’ Which invites more wonder?

Over 15 years as a primary school classroom teacher and six years as a dad I have learned a handful of solid strategies and techniques that help promote learning.

A big key that is often overlooked is how we phrase invitations to learn. In the statements above there is a subtle yet important distinction. One statement includes the word ‘learn’, the other does not.

Children are learning all the time, irrespective of anything that we do. From day one, and even before, it is in the substance of a little, wee human to use their genetic make-up and the sensory equipment, to do nothing but learn.

We are born curious, so when launching in with an invitation like, ‘Let’s learn…’ it ends up being rather redundant and not much of an invitation at all.

Once the hook is set…

Changing the offer to ‘Let’s draw giant…’ and immediately there is a bit of wonder injected. It reeks of possibilities. Once the hook is set, it opens doorways wide to exploring the finer details like letter names and sounds from within the context of something that engages like drawing, creating, building etc…

In this video tutorial, where my son Elliot, age 6, and I demonstrate how to draw giant upper and lower case versions of letter G we spend a mountain of time meandering around words like ‘grass’, ‘grapes’ and ‘orange’. I decide to try and plant grass in my shading of G and Elliot chooses the colours, purple and orange for his letter. Our choices inspire further connections with the colour purple being a common colour of grapes. The sound and position of the letter in ‘orange’ and differences with the sound of G in the words ‘grass’ and ‘grapes’. We end up chatting about the location of the letter and how the sound changes flavour when other letters are kicking around.

Lost in wonder…

We finish our drawing of our giant letter G’s and Elliot is lost in wonder, gazing at the colourful result. He immediately wants to frame his learning by adding it to his bedroom wall. I am chuffed that he enjoyed the experience and marvel at the truck load of learning we achieved.

Next time you volley an invitation to learn, try mixing it up. Get creative with your serve. Give it a little more edge, a little more wonder and let the learning flow.

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Elliot is in Kindergarten in France. He is also learning at home with his dad. At myABCdad Learning for Kids, we offer teaching resources and video tutorials to support learning at home for parents and kids.With 15 years of primary classroom teaching experience in seven different countries across our gorgeous globe, I create practical, visual worksheet resources. My son Elliot joins me to have a go and try each. We capture the action on video to help frame ways to help learning and build understanding working alongside children.I love tailoring resources to meet the needs of my growing son. We also love sharing with you. Please let us know if you have questions, requests or ideas by sending us an e-mail at - myabcdad@gmail.com