Kids Learn How To Order And Count Numbers 0 To 10 With Kids



Learn To Order Numbers Preview


0 to 10 Number Cards PREVIEW

Kids Learn How To Order And Count

Numbers 0 to 10 With Kids

Learn how to order and count numbers 0 to 10 with ordering and counting teaching resources, Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

In this video, Elliot first demonstrates how to order 0 to 10 number cards. After successfully ordering the cards, I point to each progressing up from 0 to 10 and then down from 10 to 0 to help him review. When Elliot is unsure with seven, I invite him to check by counting the amount. To finish, I quiz his knowledge by randomly pointing at cards. Elliot calls out the numbers. He then moves onto this great ordering and counting teaching resource, helping him record his understanding.

Ordering And Counting Teaching Resources

This resource presents cards with number names and amounts from 0 to 10 at the bottom of the page. I first cut along the dashed line separating the cards and recording part of the worksheet. Elliot, age 6, can do the cutting and so too can others around his age successfully. But to help set up our video action, I did the cutting beforehand. Alternatively, kids can draw lines to order cards, but the visual progression of amounts once all cut and glued in order really helps children quickly identify success. Invite kids to order cut out cards first, before gluing, to help determine accuracy before cementing them to the recording portion of the worksheet.

Elliot prints missing number symbols on each card. He then orders and glues cards onto greyed out spaces provided on the recording portion of the worksheet. The same resource that we use in this video is available for free download above so that you and yours can also have a go.

Worksheet Success

After gluing down all cards in correct order and achieving worksheet success, Elliot reviews his choices pointing to and reading aloud each number. He does so like a rocket launching. When I invite him to go the other way and count down from 10, he slows down to think carefully before calling out the number.

I quizzed Elliot after he orders 0 to 10 number cards. So to keep things fair, Elliot has a go at quizzing his dad’s number knowledge by pointing randomly at cards on his completed work.

This is not the first time Elliot and I have worked with ordering and counting numbers 0 to 10. We have used 0 to 10 number cards several times in the past. Adding the worksheet component was a way to add progression and help record his achievements, growing understand and success. To give you a better idea of this process make sure to have a look at when we started by visiting:
Kids Learn To Count 0 To 10 Number Cards With Kids.

Also, make sure to download your own free version of 0 to 10 number cards by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button above. Then use our video to work alongside Elliot. Go ahead and help kids learn math with kids.

To help you make your own 0 to 10 math game cards visit: How To Make Math Game Cards For Kids.

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