Kids Learn How To Make Number 50 With Kids



Number 50

Kids Learn How To Make Number 50 With Kids

Cool Math for Kids

Learn how to make number 50 and enjoy creative math learning for kids with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for kids.

Elliot, you are an absolute star! We have uploaded 50 videos to our Youtube Channel and I have enjoyed each and every one. Even when dad forgets to switch the microphone on and we capture glorious video action only to discover later that our voices are missing. You don’t mind and are always willing to have another go. I have enjoyed every minute Elliot and can’t wait to see where the next 50 videos takes us on our learning journey.

Connected Learning Drives the Fun Bus

At the beginning of this project, I was convinced that it would be a great way to share my knowledge, teaching experience and understanding to support Elliot’s learning at home. And it has been. The thing is, I am learning a big boat load as well. Although I knew the value of making learning fun from my experience as a classroom teacher, I have discovered it is the connections made within activities that drives the fun bus.

In this video, celebrating number 50, we connect art with math. Although Elliot can identify the number symbol 50, now having lived through that many videos, it is his love of drawing and all things art that is used as the catalyst in this cool math activity.

We start by drawing a big, giant outline of the number, paint it and add an explosive background. We could have left the activity there, with a really colourful giant number to attach to his bedroom wall. But why not seize the opportunity of getting even more artistic with number 50 by adding that amount of hazelnuts. Enter the math in the activity.

When the Number Starts to Matter in his Life

Elliot is six, and although he might be exploring numbers at school that reach 50 and beyond, there is no critical reason for him to know 50. What this experience does, is it gives him a connection with which to draw upon when he does start examining larger numbers in greater detail, or indeed when the number starts to matter in his life.

We begin by checking the number of hazelnuts. Elliot decides to do this by counting them individually. I would not have kept all of this counting action on the video, if it weren’t for the fact that Elliot counts in French alongside my English. This represents yet another connection made, where math and language work together.

Next we group the hazelnuts by fives and tens before using the two digits, five and zero, as a way to explore dividing the total amount in two to share them out equally. Not only have we practised counting by one’s and five’s, but we also verbalize 10 × 5 = 50, 5 × 10 = 50 and 50 ÷ 2 = 25. In the end we spend a solid hour and a half jazzing up 50 and then immersing ourselves in the mathematical guts of the number amount.

Give Voice a Chance

What’s more, within this experience learning how to make number 50, Elliot is very expressive, talking a lot and freely, and does so without being prompted by questions. He is definitely enjoying the activity. Within his chatter, he is so matter-of-fact when asking me not to make the chortling noise after announcing, ‘Let’s Get Started!’ during our video introduction.

Later on in the video, Elliot has an extended period of dialogue around an oops I make when painting green buttons onto the hazelnuts. He goes oops crazy. In a very round-a-boot way he basically points out that dad makes mistakes too and sometimes it is Elliot that does the far better job. Well spotted Elliot! Giving Elliot’s voice a chance is important as it provides a doorway through which he can express himself, effectively giving air to the many feelings and emotions he experiences. For my part, I profit by smiling on the inside and sometimes laugh out loud, two great ingredients that help keep me balanced in the face of video calamities.


Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of working with children and indeed for myself with Elliot, is I have become a better listener and in doing so react better to questions he asks and observations made. This helps validate what he is saying and provides him with meaningful attention from dad. Yes throughout our first 50 videos there have been many times where technical difficulties with the camera, sound and lighting equipment act as distractions. The most pure and present reason for our project, however, is the time spent working together and the quality attention we pay each other – absolutely golden for both of us.

Join us with our math fun by downloading our FREE number 50 worksheet by clicking the big, red download button above. Then make sure to enjoy!

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With 15 years of primary classroom teaching experience in seven different countries across our gorgeous globe, I create practical, visual worksheet resources. My son Elliot joins me to have a go and try each. We capture the action on video to help frame ways to help learning and build understanding working alongside children.

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