How To Make 2D Shape Snowflakes For Kids

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How To Make 2D Shape Snowflakes For Kids

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What a great opportunity to learn – making paper snowflakes? Whatever the hook, whether it be the season, weather, or Christmas, it is a great learning springboard into math with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

Beyond the folding and cutting skills, making paper snowflakes presents great math learning for kids. In many cases, children will become aware of the repeating nature of shapes within the snowflakes just through observation. They might even begin to get a sense of symmetry where sides seem to mirror each other.

In our video tutorial, Elliot and I decide to go one step further by adding 2D shape patterns to the center of each page. It is a great experience and we celebrate it by hanging our creations on our Christmas tree. Watch and then download your own by clicking the red button above.

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In our FREE download, there are two starter snowflake shape designs. For each design, there are three versions. one version presents dotted outlines of shapes to help guide gluing. A second version presents solid lines to act as shape borders for colouring. The last version presents shapes with colour. In this version, the folding and gluing is all that is needed.

Both initial designs can also be easily extended or indeed replaced with your own 2D shape design. Simply cut out the 2D shapes needed from our page of shapes and go for it.

Whatever the case, using the shapes becomes a great platform to introduce or review the names of 2D shapes and some of their properties. In our video, Elliot identifies squares, triangles, hexagons, diamonds and trapezoids. He also reveals the number of sides. Perhaps on our next visit to the world of shape designs and patterns, I might ask how are these shapes similar and different. Much like real snowflakes, the doorways into math are wide open when adding 2D shapes to the mix.

Making paper snowflakes is simple and tremendous family fun. And the results are always unique.

In the spirit of giving, please share this wonderful idea.

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