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How To Graph November Weather For Kids

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Graph November weather for kids and learn fantastic fun science for kids with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

While Elliot and I have been learning together for his entire life, we now dedicate much of our learning experiences together on our myABCdad Learning for Kids project. For over five months now, I have been riding alongside and working with Elliot several times a week. Some of  the time we capture on video and other times we do not. As he has become more comfortable with the activities, he is now asking and initiating work on his own. He will complete the Wall Calendar for a day, recording tallies and the weather. Or he might practise drawing amounts, symbols and words for the number of the day. I absolutely love his initiative and willingness to work independently. I still, however, seize upon any opportunity where he invites me to work with him.

Real Life Super Hero

Ultimately, I am his real life super hero. He looks up to me like no other and the feeling is mutual. The number of times where I find myself thinking ‘I didn’t think of it like that, but yeah it could be…’ is helping me become a better listener, better questioner and more evolved thinker. When I am interested, Elliot is interested and he invests more in the activities. His interest is also evolving where he is beginning to recognize his own success and progress. This is driving greater desire to have a go, do and activate for himself and less for his dad.

I particularly love it when Elliot makes very natural comments and observations. I also end up wanting to pinch myself when I ask a question, thinking perhaps it is too lofty and he answers it in spades. Then he will follow with a wider observation that not only shows me he understands, but makes me feel rather sheepish in thinking that he might not get it in the first place.

Learning Patience

The other really important part of working together is learning patience. Often it is not the time, or how fast something is completed, but more about the time given to let him work through understanding or indeed, misunderstandings. When he makes a mistake I am getting better at waiting and giving him time and space to work it out for himself rather than jumping all over inaccuracies and trying to correct it for him. Now, I might ask him a question to help him think about it more.

In the end, the answer I would give to the original question, is more about the type of time given. Find a balance between attention and too much attention, avoid doing things for them and correcting without allowing time for reflection. Conversely, too little time and not enough patience can also kill enthusiasm and interest. Sitting through a task and working together and tuning in more to their discoveries, understandings and questions makes this time together unbelievably rewarding.

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Elliot is in Kindergarten in France. He is also learning at home with his dad. At myABCdad Learning for Kids, we offer teaching resources and video tutorials to support learning at home for parents and kids.With 15 years of primary classroom teaching experience in seven different countries across our gorgeous globe, I create practical, visual worksheet resources. My son Elliot joins me to have a go and try each. We capture the action on video to help frame ways to help learning and build understanding working alongside children.I love tailoring resources to meet the needs of my growing son. We also love sharing with you. Please let us know if you have questions, requests or ideas by sending us an e-mail at -