Easy Christmas Tree Drawing For Kids


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Easy Christmas Tree Drawing

myABCdad Learning for Kids

With the Christmas season upon us, Elliot, aged 6, teaches his dad how to draw an easy Christmas tree for kids. Watch our video and have a go at drawing your own with Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids. After colouring, cutting, mounting and decorating, inject some fun language learning, with a Christmas Tree | Sapin de Noël word unscramble activity.

Word Unscramble

Elliot loves drawing and his amazing bilingualism in French and English helps inspire our word unscramble activity.  Elliot’s Christmas tree is the centre piece with letters of words in English and French placed above and below. Shaded boxes help guide where to replace letters.

Cut out letters of Christmas Tree and Sapin de Noël and with blu-tack, attach them to the activity sheet in no particular order. Coloured letter backgrounds distinguish language. Laminate the activity sheet and the letters to help them last longer.

We attach the activity to a wall in our living room, next to our Christmas tree. Elliot then has a go at replacing letters to complete both English and French spellings. Watch our video to see the activity in action.

Elliot and I invite you to climb aboard and try drawing a Christmas tree with us, before learning how to spell with our word unscramble activity. Make sure to click the red button above to download this free activity.

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Elliot is in Kindergarten in France. He is also learning at home with his dad. At myABCdad Learning for Kids, we offer teaching resources and video tutorials to support learning at home for parents and kids.With 15 years of primary classroom teaching experience in seven different countries across our gorgeous globe, I create practical, visual worksheet resources. My son Elliot joins me to have a go and try each. We capture the action on video to help frame ways to help learning and build understanding working alongside children.I love tailoring resources to meet the needs of my growing son. We also love sharing with you. Please let us know if you have questions, requests or ideas by sending us an e-mail at - myabcdad@gmail.com