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How To Count With A 100s Number Chart

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Make learning to count numbers for kids a powerful experience with a 100s chart, Elliot and myABCdad Learning for Kids.

Elliot has become more comfortable with numbers from 1 – 31. His comfort level has increased through working with the Wall Calendar for September, October and November. He practises recording amounts and printing number symbol and words from 1 – 31. He also loves to explore numbers and amounts in his environment.

In this activity, we begin to revisit what he knows and understands. First, I ask Elliot to look the other way while I choose to remove several number symbol and word cards for numbers between 1 – 20. Then, Elliot and I review the numbers that we are focussing on by counting them together.

Next, while concealing all the cards in my hands I choose one to hold While still hidden from view, I announce a clue about the number. Elliot then reviews possibilities by looking at the evidence in the 100s Chart.

For my part, I try to give him time to think and if it starts to feel like too much time, I offer a second clue or ask if he would like another card. I revisit the stuck one later.

One of the fantastic things about this version of the 100s Chart is the background. Behind each number symbol and word card is the corresponding amount card. Not only can Elliot take stock of the number symbol and word cards missing, but he also has an amount reference for him to review and count in case he cannot remember the missing number symbol.

This activity also can be repeated over and over, using different numbers each time. Increasing the number of missing numbers and stretching further down the 100s Chart to include progressively higher numbers is also a way to mix it up and extend the activity.

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Elliot is in Kindergarten in France. He is also learning at home with his dad. At myABCdad Learning for Kids, we offer teaching resources and video tutorials to support learning at home for parents and kids.With 15 years of primary classroom teaching experience in seven different countries across our gorgeous globe, I create practical, visual worksheet resources. My son Elliot joins me to have a go and try each. We capture the action on video to help frame ways to help learning and build understanding working alongside children.I love tailoring resources to meet the needs of my growing son. We also love sharing with you. Please let us know if you have questions, requests or ideas by sending us an e-mail at -